Practice sketching galore

Longwing Pegasus

A Longwing Pegasus based on a Common Tern.

Still trying to figure out the balance of style vs true anatomy I like. This attempt is based more on style I guess?


"He's like full western cowboy except he has big, like BIG glass and really long brown hair. I expected him to be have like short black hair for some reason. Hes from Washington. Also has a MASSIVE revolver that shoots rifle rounds"

Mobbed by dogs!

I went hiking the other day and when I sat down to draw I was mobbed by dogs! I'm not complaining, but I didn't really get to draw until after I got home. So I drew me and the dogs when I had a chance.

Christmas 2017

All of the things I made for Christmas this year

Plein Air Sketches

2x3 inches and 3x6 inches, gouache.


Agent and Simone in trouble as usual.


Meet Simone: an excitable young alien.

Remainder of my Inktober Sketches

While I did finish Inktober, I was quite bad at post them. Here are the ones I didn't post:

Inktober Day 17

Day 17: Graceful

I want to animate and/or paint more of these creatures :)

Inktober Day 16

Day 16: Fat

I missed day 15, but I want to go back to it

Inktober Day 14

day 14: fierce!

Inktober Day 13

Day 13: teeming

I like the explorations here, but the drawing failed a bit.

Inktober Day 12

Day 12: shattered

Not a fan of this one to be honest

Inktober Day 11

Day 11: run

Inktober Day 10

day 10: gigantic

Inktober Day 9


Inktober Day 8

Day 8: crooked

Bonus painting of the old Moosalope