Longwings, Broadwings, and Shortwings

Main differences between Longwing, Broadwing, and Shortwing pegasi

The chart assumes the body sizes of the pegasi are the same for simplicty. They are not. Shortwings are the largest in terms of height and weight. Longwings are similar to warmblood horses, and Broadwings are comparable to quarter horses and mustangs.

A few examples:

Some pegasi from the past week

Been trying to sketch a pegasus per day. Missed a day this week, but 4/5 isn't too bad.

Trail Rider

Went for a ride with this interesting fellow the other day. He learned to ride from stuntmen, he’s a skydiver, licensed base jumper, double black belt, owns a jewelry shop, and apparently the sire of his horse is worth 2.1 million bucks.

A few of my neighbors

A couple of my neighbors and a lady I saw at a gas station


Kitty cats

Link the farrier

With all his survival and knight skills I refuse to believe Link can't shoe a horse. I like to think he enjoys working with horses, including doing farrier work.

farrier link 002 - web.jpg

Mini paintings!

Originals and fan art. 3"x4" gouache paintings.

A few logos

Some logos I did recently for friends and family

Lotor: Prince of Unicorns

Been watching through Voltron season 5. Lotor cracks me up. I know he's supposed to be threatening but he just looks/acts/sounds like a fancy unicorn.

Little paintings in gouache

2x3 studies 

2x3 studies for the Sky Cowboys project

First Flight part 1/10

"Sanna gazed up at the great feathered beast standing before her. It was easily twice as tall as she with a hulking build that made it seemed like a wall of muscle and feathers. Its shoulder alone was taller than her father, Rorek, standing beside the massive animal. He held a long rope attached to the beast’s boxy head that seemed altogether too thin to really do anything if the animal decided to act on its own.

Sanna knew what the animal was: a Shortwing Pegasus. Heavy-set in all regards, from his thick legs to his short wings and feathered tail. Even his beak was stubby, like the little finches that visited her mother’s garden.”