Assignment #2: Perseus and Medusa

This is my process from the week during the first part of the assignment. The official prompt was: Perseus sneaking up on Medusa in repose. The orientation was landscape only.

Once upon a time, Medusa lived in an impenetrable temple. And everyday she stayed inside the temple. Until one day she had to leave to sun herself. Because of this, she was exposed, and Because of this Perseus attempted to sneak up on her. Until finally he was poised to kill her, and every since that day neither of them have been seen.

Survival information: Medusa is cold blooded, she needs the sun to keep warm. What is that cold, curled up shape language? Perseus is a threat. Needs to have threatening shape language

Medusa trying to curl up in a spot of light that’s nearly too small. Perseus lit by the glow, or by smaller light beams. Relaxation vs threat. Like a cat stalking it’s prey. Perseus is threatening, medusa is innocent.

I want to explore who is the predator, and who’s the prey. Is it Medusa? Or is it Perseus? And what shape language do I use for each scenario?

I don’t have an elaborate story to go with all of this, but I want to do more to figure out Perseus and his motives, depending on if he’s the prey or the predator. No matter which version I go with, I still want Medusa to be a younger figure. The innocence invokes either creepy fear if she’s the predator, or higher sympathy if she’s the prey, (at least, as far as I can tell).

During the hangout this week, folks helped me start to flesh out the main idea of my version of Medusa’s story: “Having the courage to do a dangerous thing”. From Medusa’s POV, that means leaving the safety of her temple to go sun her snake hair, even though the threat of assassination by Perseus looms over her. Her stakes: no sun, and she’ll simply waste away, unable to move much due to the weight of the snakes. If she suns the snakes, she can move freely, (with their help; they’re so large, they help her move), and thus make a “normal” life for herself. She wants to feel as free as she can within her “prison”. So we have courage and freedom. I did these binaries, but I’m not entirely sure if they are really getting at those core ideas.

My idea has shifted from “courage of Medusa” to “invasion of privacy”. I also started exploring different settings that might make more sense with Medusa’s snake attributes. I started researching the jungle, and I found that it more readily fits with a landscape orientation a little better than tall slot canyons do. It also fit’s Medusa’s personality better: it’s dense, tangled, intensely alive, yet dark enough for her to stay hidden, and difficult for anyone but her to navigate. 

Below are the final "binary" compositions that I will be sumbitting