It's been a crazy week!

Where to start?

I went to CNT last weekend, and it was a blast. Talented people like Ariel Goldberg, Peter Hann, Brett Bean, Nic Gregory, and Chris Oatley gave me AMAZING feedback on my portfolio.  I have a clear direction on where I want to go now, and I'll be restructuring my portfolios to fit that path. Almost everyone there was really encouraging, and many people assumed I worked at a studio. They were surprised to find out that I don't, and have never worked at one. I also got to see Brian McDonald speak at Oatley Academy Day about visual structure and storytelling. Even as someone who wants to get into character design, his points on flow and visual cues still ring true.  

During CTN, Wacom held a "showdown" where you have 10 minutes to draw a random prompt (ie: "dramatically raging phoenix" or "happily sleeping manticore") on one of their Cintiques. Out of the couple-hundred or so entries, I made it into the final 16! I didn't win anything, but it was super fun to get up in front of a crowd of people and go head-to-head with fellow artists. 

I also got to catch up with some great friends of mine who live out in the Burbank area. One of them, (Kimberly) works at DreamWorks, so we had lunch with her over there. The other, (Rachel) is an intern at Nickelodeon so I hung out with her over at the Nick studio for almost a whole day. 

Overall, it was a much better experience than last year, but only because of the people I got to talk to and the connections I made. 

Here are a few sketches from the weekend: 

As soon as I got back, I jumped into the Thanksgiving holiday travel AND my computer decided to be fussy. It "couldn't find" my main storage drive, and I didn't have a back up. Luckily, I have everything, and you can bet I now have an external drive haha. 

After all that, it's back to client work and starting to work on a new portfolio!