Things I've Learned This Summer

Don't worry about "trendy". Make art that is emotional.

This is a good reminder for me when I either don't know what to draw, or am having troubles accepting what I've been drawing. Trendiness will always change, and what style is popular today will change tomorrow. But art that is emotional, or an artist that is able to give emotion to their art is far more valuable. Emotion can be translated into any style and still communicate it's message. 

Relax & be disciplined.

There is no need to get worked up over a few scrappy lines. Just relax and keep working. Also, being disciplined does not mean to keep working nonstop. Breaks are needed, and a routine is helpful.  

Don't dodge the jump.

To use a horse analogy, I mean to have follow through and not side-step around the projects or drawings I'm working on. Discipline to keep working through drawings and paintings I don't like or aren't going "my way" is important because I will learn more from that experience, and possibly come out the other side with something better than I anticipated.  

Slow & steady wins the race.

No need to rush, and no need to get first place. As a highly competitive and performance-driven person, this is a big challenge. 

Just draw it! The world won't end.

Who is going to care if I botch my first, second, or third attempt at a drawing or concept? As long as I can keep working, good work will follow.  

I should do things so that I will learn from them. 

Drawing to be praised is a never-ending rabbit chase. If I draw things in order to learn, I will better my own skill and find success.