Summer Sketchbook

Well, I'm back and ready for the school year. It was great to be at camp, but it was a long time being isolated from the world. I've added some of the sketches from my summer sketchbook here. None of them directly relate to camp, but camp did influence how I drew what I did. 

It was also nice to have so much human reference all over the place; especially kids. At UNW, you don't see many kids, much less get the time to sit down and draw them. It was convenient to have kids constantly running around. I could see how they moved and interacted better than I had before, and it has made drawing children a little easier. 

I made good friends up there, and got to know others better. It was a good summer of horses and people, but there was little "making" happening. That is to say, I didn't do much drawing. I only went through one sketchbook, and most of it was nonsensical doodling to release frustration or fatigue. However, some things did turn out, and I did find some freedom to do a bit of work on some of my personal projects.