Short Summer Limbo

I’m officially on summer break until May 30th...and then I’m at camp working until mid August. To be honest, I’m sort of rueful about going to camp this summer. While working with the equine program there is fun, (and challenging), I sort of want to use this summer to work on my own projects, such as my short film, or improving skills like drawing, painting, and sculpting. Its a choice between art-related things, and horse-related things. This weird in-between time is like a limbo; I can’t really start anything because most of my crafting things are packed away in the new house, and I can only finish a few things, (which I’ve already done). The weather is beautiful, but I have no horses to I’m sitting here with a sketchbook, which you’d think would be enough freedom, but my brain wants to do nothing but play Skyrim. Or, in any case, draw things and write things about Skyrim. Maybe I need to do nothing for a while after the school year. This is hard to do.

Speaking of Skyrim, I find more freedom in working with other people’s characters. I don’t know if that’s just lazy, or if that’s a normal thing. Take my latest maquette for example: the character I sculpted is not mine. She was created by a friend. I loved working on it because it wasn’t mine. If it had been my own character, say, Raizio, I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish the maquette, despite it being for a class. In fact, I don’t think Raizio is posted anywhere here. I don’t know why, but I have a hard time being okay with decisions made centering around my own creations, but when it was made by someone else, I’m fine with it. Odd.

I suppose this could be an advantage, though. If I’m going to work in a film-related industry some day, I highly doubt that I’ll be working with my own characters. I’ll probably be getting specs for characters and having to work with those with some degree of creative freedom, which I think would suit me well. Either way, I'm off to deal with my short summer limbo. Hopefully I can get something productive done.