Quick Feature: Ironhead Studio

Ironhead Studio does creature and costume design. They've worked on Avengers, Thor, Tron: Legacy, and Battleship. This place makes me want to jump into projects and do awesome stuff.  I would work for these folks in a heartbeat! Its one of the few bodies of work that serves to inspire me. Usually, when I see work better than my own, (which is often), it is difficult for me to keep from being downtrodden. The work that Ironhead Studio puts out does not have that effect for some reason. Weta Workshop is the same way. 

Anyway, Ironhead has so much amazing work, but my personal favorites are the creature and costume sculptures. More specifically, the work that went into design of the aliens from Battleship, (its such a shame that movie bombed). I mean, really, take a look at this stuff:

These are my personal favorites out of 30+ images in the gallery. I love how much thought went into the alien design, even if it didn't show through in the film. There's something lion-ish about the faces of the aliens that I just love. The last two are so beautiful! Its not so apparent in the bigger "thug" designs, but I love these ones. And the cigar hanging out of the alien's mouth of the fist two just crack me up! There's just so much attitude in these sculptures and drawings that didn't make it to the film. That's why I love this work, though. The thought and detail going into all of Ironhead Studio's work is a major draw to me. I love detail, (even though I know that most of it won't make it to the final cut), because the more you pour into the design and creation process, the richer a character, or world will become simply because you create your own lore and history. It just...comes to life after a while and grows seemingly on its own. I don't often have this experience, but I long for it to happen: to feel free enough to create things with such detail and skill as Ironhead Studio and it's craftsmen can do. 

So, go check out their stuff here. Its fantastic. Also, Ironhead Studio: hire me and teach me your ways. That is all.