Medium Frustrations and One Piece

The bummer with using a run-of-the-mill ballpoint pen is that the lines bleed when they get wet! I always sketch with ballpoint pen now, but I can’t color my drawings with gouache . I either have to get back into pencil, or learn to use the pens that don’t wash away. Its a real shame, too. The ballpoint pen is fun to work with, and it eliminates the chance of erasing, which I find to be a good practice for me...but I can’t add color in the way that I want to. I have pens that don’t bleed, but they have too much flow; its either lots of ink or no ink, and I can’t seem to get the hang of controlling it. So many drawings that I can only paint digitally… Ah, unless I’m unaware of some magical medium out there.

I suppose I could use colored pencil, or pastels, but I can’t find either of my stashes of those, and I really want to paint my drawings; even if its just light washes of color. And even when I do use pencil, I never like how it turns out. I think the main reason is that its difficult for me to get past the “mental brace” of my drawings having to be “good”, however I decide to define that. Its been quite the wall to climb over, but that’s a different post with a different set of things to talk about. 

Speaking of things to talk about... I just discovered the One Piece anime. 


Yeah. That One Piece. I'm not usually fan of anime or manga, so I have no idea why I'm hooked on this one. I'm only on episode 71, so I still haven't met a few of the main characters yet, but I still love this show, aside from the obvious fillers. I'll think about why I like it, and perhaps why I haven't gotten into anime and manga as a whole.  

But I did draw a pirate today. A cutesy pirate...but she's still a pirate...maybe. Actually, this drawing is the reason I started this post. It was done in ballpoint pen, so right now I have no options to give her some color. First world artist problems.

Ah, well. Mayhaps I'll spend the rest of the day researching mediums. 

And, of course, watching the Superbowl. Go Broncs!!