Quick Feature!

I ought to be asleep, but I wanted to feature some themed artwork that I've run across. 

If you've ever played Minecraft, you might be interested in this (ongoing?) series of comic pages centered around the game. It's got a nice art style, and accounts well for Minecraft's chunky design. The thing that stands out to me, though, is the charming interpretation of gameplay. As I'm reading this comic, I find myself amused because what just happened to the character has often happened to me when I play the game. Creepers sneaking up on you and blowing up, a skeleton knocking you off a precarious 1-block-wide bridge, or marking your hidden mine with a single torch on the only block separating the surface from the mine.

I also like the hint of a larger story going. While the comic is mostly about the daily adventures of this little MInecraft sprite, (or the average gamer), it does delve a bit into different material. Specifically in the dream panels. Your sprite doesn't dream in the game. It was added by the artist for, presumably, a reason that I hope gets explored as the comic, (hopefully), grows. Being able to insert hints of story here and there is something that I am quite incapable of doing, so I will always envy that talent! 

So take a look at a few of the pages. They aren't in order, but you can check out all of them, and the artist's profile here.