Rocket League

Apparently my little brother is really REALLY good at Rocket League, so I did fanart of his car.

Pegasus Foals

A few foals

More pegasi

A longwing based on a flamingo and a pilot with a bit of an issue

New Neighbor

New neighbors have a tiny chihuahua puppy. Saw one of them carrying it in his denim jacket the other night

Rorek sketches

New Rorek drawings. He’s boisterous, daring, tough, energetic, and generally a happy person.

He’s a pilot for a living. He does everything from herding to transport. This often keeps him away from home, but when he is back he prioritizes spending time with his wife, Holli, and daughter, Sanna. His pegasus is a sooty palomino broadwing named Apel.

Some recent work

I’m so bad at posting things

Horses, man

This week my horse spooked himself by hitting himself with a rubber ball, destroyed my brand new sunglasses, and then coliced last night resulting in an emergency vet call. He's fine but like whew buddy cool it with the mischief.


Been doing lots of characters for a little project with Rachel Hastings. What to do with all of them? Throw them on a poster!