Horses, man

This week my horse spooked himself by hitting himself with a rubber ball, destroyed my brand new sunglasses, and then coliced last night resulting in an emergency vet call. He's fine but like whew buddy cool it with the mischief.


Been doing lots of characters for a little project with Rachel Hastings. What to do with all of them? Throw them on a poster!

MSP backpack guy

Met this interesting fellow at the Minneapolis airport a few weeks ago. He started chatting with me because of my big hiking pack. He was a friendly guy and left a strong visual impression. I distinctly remember he had a Hodag on his shirt, and that his shirt was pink. 

Bucking Broadwing

Not a good time for your heel sling to break! At least the wing straps are holding. Ride ‘em cowgirl!

Inspired by Astrid Goes for a Spin by John Powell on the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack

Longwings, Broadwings, and Shortwings

Main differences between Longwing, Broadwing, and Shortwing pegasi

The chart assumes the body sizes of the pegasi are the same for simplicty. They are not. Shortwings are the largest in terms of height and weight. Longwings are similar to warmblood horses, and Broadwings are comparable to quarter horses and mustangs.

A few examples:

Some pegasi from the past week

Been trying to sketch a pegasus per day. Missed a day this week, but 4/5 isn't too bad.

Trail Rider

Went for a ride with this interesting fellow the other day. He learned to ride from stuntmen, he’s a skydiver, licensed base jumper, double black belt, owns a jewelry shop, and apparently the sire of his horse is worth 2.1 million bucks.