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New work

Because I forget to post

Airship cats and floating island beasties!

A little bit of concept work :)

Great blue heron longwing and cock-of-the-rock shortwing

2 pegasi, 2 styles

Ariadne and Beck

Beck gets noticed by a shy, delicate-looking woman named Ariadne. But he notices back when she pins him in a spar he’s sure he’ll win. She’s not a spy for nothing!

This is so LA

I’ve worked at various barns out here in LA, and I’ve seen this a number of times…and it never fails to crack me up. 

See, I’m from MN where you have walk through 100 acres of pasture, a stretch of woods, and Mordor its self to get your horse. In LA the “pastures” are maaaaaybe 100 yards from the barn. 

4 story beats

Rorek arrives at a small town at the end of a long day

Kiki's Delivery Service/Howl's Moving Castle AU

I want an AU where Kiki’s Delivery Service and Howl’s Moving Castle exist in the same world. I imagine Kiki and Markl could be similar ages, meet, and become friends and magical colleagues as they grow up. Maybe Markl even moves to the town Kiki lives in on the ocean as a part of his wizard apprenticeship (if it works that way) and they meet that way.

1. Markl meets Kiki, “Next time you stop by the bakery, let me know. I have a delivery service that might help!”

2. Kiki meets Calcifer, “He’s the fire demon my mentor gave me to travel with!”

The Megmaid

It’s MerMay and I just re-watched The Meg! The result is a semi-sentient megalodon/mermaid monster from the depths. I did studies of shots from the movie, but added my own monster in place of the shark. This was waaaaaaaaay too much fun.

Library Files Sketches

Beck and Charlie

The Meg

I recently watched The Meg. It was a decent action B movie…but honestly I was distracted by the Edgy Tech Girl TM’s hair the entire time. The cut is fine I guess….but why the greasy spikes???

I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Rocket League

Apparently my little brother is really REALLY good at Rocket League, so I did fanart of his car.

Pegasus Foals

A few foals

More pegasi

A longwing based on a flamingo and a pilot with a bit of an issue